Cubase 10.5 memory leak with video in project

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I’m in desperate need of help here, so I hope you can cure me of my ignorance. I want to mention that a reformatting of windows is my very last option so I hope it won’t come to that unless absolutely necessary!

I’m experiencing a memory leak with Cubase 10.5.2 pro. I first noticed it due to crashes. Eventviewer loggs showed that my system ran out of virtual memory, Cubase was the issue. I have since then confirmed several cases like these, all related to cubase video playback.

Here’s a link to a video which shows an example of my most recent session

3 audio tracks, one video track (25,4mb, 2min13sec, Mpeg-4, 30fps, 1024x1024). The memory leak starts when I add the video track. When the project is playing, everything is fine. When I pause the playback, cubase starts consuming my memory slowly until I start the playback again. Eventually it consumes all my RAM if the playback is stopped. I have 64gb of RAM. Should mention I’m on windows 10 64bit, i7-7700k @4.2GHz. UR824 interface.

I have done a fresh reinstall of the Cubase 10.5 full install using Steinberg Download Manager. I put cubase in C drive but the soundpacks in a different drive due to space issues. This fresh install solved another issue I had with audio processing (like not being able to reverse audio) but this memory leak remains.

All help is wholeheartedly appreciated.

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I would love some help in the matter, Steinberg support has yet to answer my inquiry which is now a week past.

Yesterday the project I was working on was fine up to a certain point, the memory leak started happening a good part in to my session. If I load an older .bak file which was saved before the memory leak started - the session is fine. If I load a newer one after the memory leak started happening, the issue is still there. I’ve attached a picture to clarify.

Anything you can think of that I should try or read through I would wholeheartedly appreciate.

Here’s another video of how the memory leak starts and stops.

I transport the playback cursor to a new location with the hotkeys (+/-) at which point the memory leak stops. I start the playback from the new location and after I stop the playback the memory leak resumes.

I have followed all the steps in this optimization recommendation, tried turning different settings on/off.

Nothing has solved my problem as of yet.

The only memory leak I’ve encountered in the past years had to do with retrospective record. Could you try and disable it for audio and MIDI, or empty the buffer, and try again? Just an idea.

See here:

Another idea:
Try videoengine.dll from the components folder of an older version where it worked (e. g. 10.5.12). Don’t overwrite the current one, but rename it, so you can revert to the 10.5.20 version if it crashes.


Thanks for the Reply Timo! :slight_smile: I’ve tried it already, didn’t make a difference. I appreciate your response however, truly.

I’ve managed to narrow it down to the video engine being the sole culprit. Here’s a video showing the memory leak in action with nothing but a video loaded in cubase. And attached is a screenshot as it crashed.

I’ve re-installed the fresh GPU driver, as instructed here

It didn’t fix the issue.

I don’t struggle with any other GPU issues on a daily basis. Perhaps a stresstest or a rollback driver? Knock on a friends door and ask for a different GPU perhaps…any ideas? ^^

Does it happen with videos that are not in 1024x1024 ?

Hi Peakae! :slight_smile: Thanks for the question, I tried with different resolutions and still managed to trigger the memory leak. However it gave me some well needed inspiration for trying more simpler experiments rather than updating the BIOS etc…and I think I found the root cause in Cubase.

When I trigger the memory leak and disable video thumbnail the memory leak stops. I don’t get the memory back but the leak stops. If I save the project like that (with thumbnails disabled), restart cubase with the new save, I don’t get memory leaks anymore.

So wehay, I think we might’ve solved this one! :sunglasses: I’ll do some more stresstesting before calling it solved…Update incoming tomorrow, but if anyone else has the same problem - give it a go!



Could you provide the *.dmp file, which is generated once the memory reach its limit, please? Maybe we could find something in it.

What codec/settings do you use for your video(s), please?

What graphics card do you use, please?