Cubase 10.5 Metronome volume

Does anyone know a quick way of controlling this?

In Metronome Setup there is a field for Audio click level under the Click Sounds tab - which is fine in itself but a real pain to get to, and you cannot control the transport whilst in metronome setup.
I really want to be able to control it globally on the fly, with a midi CC or something.
Or at least a GUI option that is right in front of me whilst recording and editing [maybe this is possible like I think it is in Logic - but I’ve not found it yet]

When I had C9 and a different audio I/O I set up the Control Room thing just to do this - but ended up with rendered-in-place or stem export levels issues because the stereo buss and the control room were interacting.
What I mean by that is it’s OK if you remember that not everything is in in Unity when rendering a stem or region - but in the thick of a production I found I wasn’t remembering that and I ended up with -6dB or whatever on half of my stems and having to compensate after the fact - damn nuisance - which is why I haven’t gone down that route since changing my audio I/O a few months ago.
And it’s such a non-intuituve way of doing things.

Has anybody figured a straightforward way of controlling the metronome volume whilst the transport is operational without having to jump through these circuitous hoops?

I’d just record a bar on a MIDI track of crotchet (1/4 note) clicks, quantise it, copy it as needed and control that with the mixer fader. No doubt there’s a better way, but that would work.

Similar to what ieaston stated

Thanks for those replies - very helpful.

Oddly enough I’d not really thought about that workaround.
I can see some fun and games with time signature changes during a cue but using track versions might help there.

It reminds me of a midi track I set up on one of my templates to control midi gates [cubase midi gate plugin and Cytomic Drop midi input] - where I created track versions for different rhythms and quantized lengths etc.

At some point I’ll build that idea into a template - but it’ still seems curious that this pretty basic function isn’t part of the standard DAW!

Hi, I may be mistaken, but as far as I know you can control click level and click pan in the control room for the main room, the headphones and the cue channels.
The output channels unassigned to any busses and the output level always untouched at 0dB - changing listeing volumes with the control room volume exlusively - that should prevent any “interference” of the main bus and the control room.
Or did I get you wrong?

Yes I agree - It may be possible to somehow control the level in the control room without affecting the main stereo buss output level with some careful routing selections but I’ve never managed to successfully separate the two things.
[The F4 Audio Connections tabs imply my main stereo buss goes to Outputs 1&2 - OR via Control room - but not both, and this has always created unnecessary gain stage confusion - at least for my simple brain]

When I have enough time to review this routing situation I might try to do that with that in mind. I’ve already wasted several hours trying to do that at different times -
what I hate is when I think I’ve nailed it - and then find a mix is suddenly wrong because part of a rendered stem doesn’t do what I’m expecting because it’s been rendered out quickly and the gain has changed due to the whole control room thing being involved - that’s happened far too often and been too painful to want to easily go down that route again.
Maybe I’m just approaching it incorrectly, hence my post in the forum!

For example, I understand that some of these F4 levels and settings are saved with the project, and some are saved in prefs - but for the life of me I can never remember which - all that techy detail is so dull - I just want to concentrate on creating music cues and stems without all that worry.

A nice level control for the metronome on the main arrangement GUI (or mixer - I wouldn’t care) would solve this instantly! [if anyone from Steinberg is listening]

NB: I don’t normally list my equipment here - but as in this case it is slightly related - my current audio I/O is a MOTU 828ES.

Hi you,
when using the control room it is best to not assign any output ports to the Ouput Bus!

You listen to your mix and cues via the control rooom then and export any audio via ouput bus will still work. No need to switch that at any point in time.
There IS an option that allows to use ports both in control room (monitors) and the output bus, but this will lead to double the level of the signal at the physical outputs, which is of course not wanted.

So to keep it simple: Dont connect your output bus in cubase to any ports when using the control room. And leave the ouput channel fader at 0db all the time. Controling listening volume happens via control room, so does level and pan control for the click. And exporting via the output bus will always work as expected, not influenced by anything that you do in the control room. And there you have all controls visible that you need to do what you are asking for.

side remark: Rendering NEVER includes anything from the control room. Never.

Hope to Help, Ernst