Cubase 10.5 - Monitor Line-in effected, but record DI

Hey Cubase family!

my name’s Krzys, been on Cubase since version 5. Upgraded at 7.5 and 10.5. Lets just say for the most part I did not utilize MANY Cubase features in my audio production hobbyist career. Like to the point where only within the last few months did I discover “lanes” and comping takes. SO anyways, I’ve just started to learn/teach myself how to mix and discovered that my input busses show up on the mixer (line or mic-in etc). Which also means directly on my main Line-in (guitar) I can slap FX right in that chain and monitor an effected signal. Great! But now it records the effected signal instead of DI. Is there anyway to set up the routing so that I can run one instance (or two as I have 2 hi-z inputs on my mixer) instances of an Amp VST, that I can edit settings and control just on the line-ins, but have them record the DI tracks ALONG with the effected signal instead? I know I can just apply an instance of the VST amp to every track I’m recording too and monitor individually, but with Neural DSPs this eats up system resources very, very fast (even with an i7 and 64g of ram). So Ideally I would just have my two Hi-Z inputs running two instances of Neural DSP Amp sims, but printing DI audio to a DI track, and effecte audio to a “listen back” track? This would, essentially, make it function like my Axe FX II would, which has now (permanently) moved to my bands touring live rig.



Hi and welcome,

If you apply the FX as an Insert to the track(s), the dry signal has been recorded. If you want to apply the very same FX to multiple tracks, but you want to save your CPU load, add a Group Channel, and put the FX to the Group Insert slot.