Since getting cubase 10.5 it has been behaving bizarrely.

I am using an iMac 2018 with Mojave

1.There are habitual daily “no licence” errors
2. When I opened the file of a recently saved 10.5 project it tried to open it in Cubase 7 and crashed
3. I opened it this morning from the dock alias and it tried to open as cubase artist
4. After I closed it and opened it again it said it had no licence.

Do you test your products yourselves before selling it or do you get your loyal customers to test it for you after they have bought it? I have been using Cubase for 25 years. I am trying to get on with work and this is embarrassing. Halion 6.3.1 is just as fragile.


How old is your USB-eLicenser? Maybe I would recommend to buy the latest USB-eLicenser and transfer the license to the new one.