Cubase 10.5. not working in Big Sur (eLicenser Update Problem: "Still Applications running")


I updated my MacBook Pro one or two weeks before to Big Sur.
Since this Cubase 10.5 won’t work anymore.
The eLicenser shows errors.
After a research I deactivated the firewall, but no changes.

Now I am trying to update the eLicenser control center software and Cubase 11. But unfortunately updating eLicenser control center software won’t work too.
It shows the error that update isnt possible because applications used by the eLicenser are still active. But that’s not the case. Please see the screenshot.

Does anyone have any advice how to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot


I can see eLicenser Control application is running, therefore you cannot install eLicenser Control Center.

Thanks for your help, but this is the eLicenser update software.


Then try to restart your computer and install the eLCC immediately after the start.

You can also open Activity Monitor to see all processes. Try if Synsopos is running.

That was working.
Thanks a lot for your help!!!
ELicenser is installed, Cubase is working again :slight_smile: