Cubase 10.5 on non-supported Windows 7, testing and findings

Figured I would create this because I heard that, it will work on Windows 7, but certain areas of the program will/may not. Curious to figure out what is going on here, if it’s stable, mostly usable, etc, etc.

I will likely test it on Windows 7 myself but don’t have the time right now.

After testing for a few months on W7, I think you might eventually discover some graphical or GUI issues depending on the C10.5 features you use. It may depend on your video card. Of course the bottom line is that it’s not supported and continuation will manifest additional problems.

is that do with hiDPI?

What about on just a more typical screen and a GTX690?

No. My old card in use was a GTX 750ti for testing W7 & C10.5. There are so many variables, it’s hard to know until actually using a specific system, but after turning in some GUI issues, they were apparently related to W7.

I’ve read that Video Export will not work with Win7, so there’s something you sitting on Win7 can test and likely fail on.

Edit: remember now that I read in the Nuendo forum that it’s inactivated for Win7, so I don’t think you can even test it.

Okay thanks good to know, you can confirm those issues aren’t resolved on Win7 or have you moved onto Win10?

Per what Steinberg has said about discontinuing Windows 7 support, no I don’t think they will.

Now with 10.5 on W7/64bit, I have to manually quit cubase from task manager, just noticed it while trying to install WL9.5. IDK if it´s only on my setup.

Other than that, top notch release so far

I would appreciate more feedback from users who installed CB 10.5 on Win7.
Please report any experience so I can decide to update.
Thank you in advance

Not only a problem on 10.5

In my case the manually quit was forced by the Ilok version 5.1… This was fixed with 5.1.1

I have installed 10.5 on my Windows 7 machine and noticed nothing that didn’t work so far. I don’t have Wave Plugins.

Please keep us updated!

Much appreciated your comments dear community I have to wait a little bit more I guess for more inputs.

Not problem here…
I have open some c10 project’s and work in It.
I cannot say for video export

keep us updated!

tested video yet?

Hate Win10 and can’t even go Hackintosh since Cubase is one big buggy horse on Mac OS… in anycase let us know if the video export works correctly!

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I have never used the video for a video card error already from Cubase 8.

I hate win 10 too, but I think I’ll have to update

C10.5 on Win7 ( upgrade from 10)

All working here - even kept my templates and playing old tracks.

All looking good so far.


NB. Not using/ tried Video.

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