Cubase 10.5 on non-supported Windows 7, testing and findings


interested to see if video works as well… maybe everything works still! After all, I have WinXP software that still runs on Windows 7 and Windows 10

Bad news. “Video Export” is not available in Cubase 10.5 running on Windows 7.

Not a huge deal, I can bounce stems and export on my laptop which is Win10

If this is the only thing that doesn’t work, I’m actually fairly happy. It’s really not that hard to bounce to Vegas as well.


Just to let you know that Video Export works In CPro 10.5 on Windows 8.1 (on my system at least…)

could the video thing be a codec issue? are their certain codecs available on WIn10 that aren’t normally on Windows7?

Any more testing out there? any problems?

Any solution to no video export? I’m hearing it works on Win8

On my Win8.1 Video Export does work, but another user reported it not working (see Anthonie post in the thread below):

I’m having a lot of trouble with blacklisted VST that is fully working in Cubase 9.5. Izotope, Ohmforce among others.
Cubase 10.5 says that Reaktor is 32-bit even though it IS 64-bit and fully working in Cubase 9.5… Have to re-install alot of things.

Anyways, Cubase 10.5 is running fine otherwise here on Win7. Just tested one project made in v9.5.

C10.5 on Win 8.1 ( upgrade from 10)

All working here - even kept my templates and playing old tracks.

All looking good so far.

Is there a way to get video to work on Windows 7? a codec that needs to be downloaded??? Any tricks here? what caused it to not work, anyone know??

Such a useful thread, thanks guys!

Except for the video export issues, do all the other functions work on a Win 7 setup? Specifically I’m curious about the new Padshop, Groove Agent SE and the new Tap Delay, but also Cubase’s general functionality regarding Midi and Audio editing, the mixer / channel strip and everything you would typically use to create and mix musical compositions!

I’ve heard only so far that all except Video Export works.

Video export is not available on my win7 machine, I wish they would have said that in sales blurb! I only upgraded from 10 to 10.5 for this, v10 was fine for what I needed, another waste of money, Now the problem will be future updates they do not tell about that will not work with win7, it looks like it will the last time I update CB.

It has been advertised everywhere for some time, and is in the system requirements, that it only officially supports - Windows 10… Meaning, they won’t guarantee it will work at all, let alone any particular feature and they won’t offer support either. Windows 10 - only. stated everywhere for a few months.

I’ve really tried to love Windows 10 but it’s not happening. I have Windows 10 on a laptop so at least I can try CB10.5, which seems to work fine on my W7 PC, I don’t need video export but I’m not happy about being forced to use the dreadful Windows 10 if I want to “keep up”.

Windows 7 is no longer being supported by Microsoft so you can expect Steinberg to advance their software but being held hostage by having to support something that is essentially now a relic legacy OS. because in order to continue updating Cubase to work with Windows 10 protocols and modern CPU/GPU/RAM protocols eventually they are going to start hitting compatibility dead stops and then having to spend resources to figure out why, how, is there a work around, etc, etc, only to find out there is no workaround - video export is likely the first dead stop and so they can’t sell a software that has unmatched compatibility across OS’s.

it’s just reality.

In my experience there will be one thing that you regularly use that requires you to upgrade uour OS.followed by another thing, then another, until…

For me this time around it is Cubase and Elektron Overbridge. Updating in 2016/17/18 to windows 10 was not required for me, but now it makes sense and is required to go forward to work with developments of software.

Old win7 kept on its SSD as an archive, new SSD win 10 activated with win 7 key.

Think win 10 is a great OS with sll the background crap and spying off

I understand all that - I suppose my failing eyesight isn’t helping me navigate a new operating system, especially one as messy and user unfriendly as Windows 10. Whatever happened to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? I guess we have to keep those corporate profits rolling in :slight_smile: Maybe a subscription based business model would stop all this upgrade nonsense.

Since the update I’ve lost the default fades. If I recreate them, they’re not stored. Otherwise all good.