Cubase 10.5 on Sierra

It’s not supported (just Mojave only)but that doesn’t mean it won’t run well. Anyone try it?

I really don’t want to upgrade my OS right now.

Anyone had any luck running this update on Sierra yet?

I install it on my os sierra system, but it’s crash every time when initializing in VST2 manager, then I open it in safe mode and ist work with me normally, you can keep pressing all keys ( SHIFT+ALT_CMD) and open Cubase it will work in safe mode

That’s not encouraging
What Mac and interface are you using?

I’m running it on High Sierra. It crashed a lot to desktop on first day of trying out. In Workspace Organize window > crash, adding a rack instrument > crash.
Then tried it on Mojave (had to install it first on a separate partition) but then latency is on the high side (plus audio artifacts on my RME FireFace 800.
So went back to HS and worked on a small audio only project without any crashes. (Only timewarptool, but that’s a bug also present in 10.0…)
For now I’ll stay on HS and see how it goes…

OSX SIERRA here and Cubase always crashes… While tryingto insert VST to channels etc… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m running 10.5 on High Sierra and it works well except some plugin GUI’s are either scaled incorrectly or just blank. Notably Arturia and Melda respectively. When loading McDSP plugins it crashes instantly. I’ve not long installed the update, that’s what I’ve found so far.

I’m also running Cubase Pro 10.5 on High Sierra with several problems:
-Cubase works slow
-several Waves plugins are completely black when I open the plugin window
-when I close the HorNet plugin window VUMeter MK4 Cubase crashes every time.
I received Steinbergs newsletter about the update to 10.5: No warning about not supporting High Sierra. Clicking from the newsletter you arrive at the Steinberg Store where you can buy the upgrade to 10.5. Here also no warning. BUT looking at the system requirements on the Cubase Pro 10.5 page you only see Catalina and Mojave. By the way I see a lot of problems from people who work with Mojave and Cubase 10.5.
The best solution for me would be to downgrade back to Cubase version 10, BUT how do you do that 'cause on my eLicenser version 10 was wiped out by version 10.5
Anyone with a solution???

Cubase 10.5 runs OK on my MacBook (Sierra - 10.12.6) but I’m having similar issues with certain plugins.
Several plugin windows are blank (black.) These include all Melda Production Plugins.
Waves V9 plugins are similar but show a small GUI flickering at the bottom left corner.
Some plugins cause Cubase 10.5 to crash (e.g. NI Phasis.)
“Safe Mode” doesn’t work.
I’ll be sticking to Cubase 10 for now. (Cubase 9 is my preferred version for ‘serious’ work.)

Hi zipper, how can you run different versions of Cubase? I lost version 10 by upgrading to 10.5 on my eLicenser.

Lucas-BW ,
You still can launch older versions of cubase even if the only version on elic is showing c10.5

I have the exact same problem with many plugins on High Sierra.
I installed the update over 10.0.40
I’m gonna try with a fresh install tonight maybe that will solve the issue …

I’ve experienced the same with Melda plugins.

I’ve also experience issues with having multiple plugin windows open of varying vendors. I can reliably crash 10.5 if I have 2 plugin windows open and decide to open a third.

Thanks R3myBoy, I did not know that you still can run older versions (could not find that information anywhere) , but it solved all my Cubase problems!
I asked Steinberg for help of course but they did not react. Too busy, I think, with all the mails they become after releasing 10.5

I am on high Sierra and on 10.5 and a heavy Arturia user. Haven’t noticed the blank GUI. Which plugins are you seeing this on?

I updated to 10.5 and I’m having graphic issues with Arturia and Izotope plugins - they are slow to load, some are just a black frame. If I drag the plugin frame from my extended monitor to my Powerbook monitor it renders. I haven’t done any extensive testing but it seems relatively stable. From what I’ve read about Mojave, I’ll be staying away from that upgrade for a while (although Steinberg says High Sierra doesn’t support 10.5?). I didn’t read the small print on that huge mistake.

I’m running Sierra. C10.5 actually runs quite well with the exception of some plug-ins. Regarding the Melda issue: I’ve had a bit of a back and forth with Vojtěch and this is what he said: Steinberg builds the Mac version with a Mojave SDK. Something Apple did screws up how some plug-ins graphically behave (black UIs…etc). Steinberg might be able to work around it…but it is better dealt by the plug-in developers themselves. Vojtěch says he’s working on a fix that should show up in his next release.

Update: Regarding the Melda black screens: Vojtech just released a Beta14 version today that clears this up for the most part for OS versions below Mojave. Seems to work in Sierra OK.

Anyone solves this problem?

i’ve the same issue with Osx High Sierra 10.13.6 .

Cubase 10.5 is unusable.

HELP ME ! :open_mouth: :astonished:

Cubase 10.5 runs well on my macOS High Sierra.
Sometimes I get some complains from the vst manager however.
Now I would like to install the new Backbone Software, but I’m not sure if it will run.

At my place, working with latest MOJAVE and macbook 2017 it crashes every time i open backbone :frowning: