Cubase 10.5 on Sierra?

Anyone using 10.5 on Sierra? I know it is not officially supported so I wonder if anyone has positive or negative experiences with this combination. I am on 10 and considdering to go to 10.5. (Which will be tha latest upgrade I do as I cannot go above Sierra due to Powercore driver).


Yes it works.

However, version 10.5 is not stable on any version of macOS even on the Windows platform. The most desperate thing is that Steinberg does not officially position itself for us on a corrective patch.

Sadly I agree with the last comment.

Win and mac users both experience internal cpu/processing spikes audio dropouts, and the issue seems related to multithreading and/or graphics drivers issues.

If my lengthy email chain with support had given me more optimism on this, I would certainly share that here, but so far I have nothing but frustration and broken workflow to talk about.

So better not upgrade then. Well well, I have always missed the oportunity to color the mixer, but I guess I can make music without that. 10.0.60 seems pretty stable here so I will continue that. Perhaps look into Studio One at a later stage. Logic is off due to the heavy forcus on EDM in the latest update. Not my genre.

i run 10.5 on high sierra. i dont believe i have those issues.

(This is about Sierra 10.12, not High Sierra 10.13)