Cubase 10.5 - OpenGL issues

Hi - I upgraded to Cubase 10.5 from 9.5 earlier in the year and I’m seeing an issue where certain plugins come up with a black screen now when their UI is opened. The same plugins didn’t have this issue in Cubase 9.5 and I can still run 9.5 and open those plugins and they are displayed fine. After some googling it looks like the issue is related to OpenGL (don’t completely understand why it acts differently in 10.5 compared to 9.5 though). Does anyone know why plugins would be displayed fine in Cubase 9.5 but have a black screen in 10.5? Is there a way to disable the OpenGL changes that were made in 10.5 that appear to be causing this issue? Thanks.

Bump, anyone seeing OpenGL issues with the newer versions of Cubase but not in earlier versions?


Because Cubase development. Cubase graphic has changed.

Make sure, you have the latest updates of the plug-ins installed, please. Also make sure, your graphic card driver is up to date, please.

What graphic card do you use, please?

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Thanks for the reply. I have checked that my driver is up to date (see attached screen shot) and I have the latest version installed of all plugins showing the issue. My graphics card just says: “Intel(R) HD Graphics”, so I’m not sure what that means exactly screen shot attached. Thanks.

Driver up to date

Bump, seeing if anyone is able to help give any more insight on this issue I’m running into with Cubase 10.5. Thanks


the chipset is Intel Sandy Bridge, so the card is HD2000 - the chipset, both GPU and CPU, is not officially supported by Intel under Windows 10.

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Thanks for the info I didn’t know it wasn’t supported. So a new video card then I guess.


Yes, new graphic card should solve the issue.

Just wanted to follow up on this issue in case anyone else is seeing the same thing. There are patches for OpenGL that apparently fix the blank screen issue, available here:

Haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to give it a try.

Hi Sean,
I recently bumped in the black plugin GUI issue (my thread here) and was kindly pointed to this thread. Did you try to apply the GitHub fixes back then? Or did you solve the issue in some other way?

Hi - Sorry for the late response, I actually haven’t been back to the forum since I posted this. I actually ended up buying a new computer (needed to upgrade anyway) so didn’t get to try it out. Works fine on the new machine. Best of luck with yours, hope the issue gets resolved for you.

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Thanks anyway, I do have an old computer but won’t be able to upgrade for a while, maybe will give the above a try!