Cubase 10.5 playback audio cutting out consistently on m1 macbook

Just got the m1 mac despite potential issues. Every 5 seconds on the dot, there is a dropout of audio. This dropout is present in any bounces that I do as well.

I tried to enable Rosetta by going to the Cubase app info but it doesn’t appear to be an option. Logic runs perfectly as expected so it’s definitely Cubase. Anyone else face this issue with Cubase on an M1 Macbook?


What Audio Device do you use, please? Is the Audio Device M1 compatible?

I am plugged straight into the headphone jack with Audio Technica M50x headphones. Same thing when I test with logic.

I don’t think that should make a difference given the fact that the audio cutouts are happening when I bounce the tracks…


Cubase is still under the test on M1. See more details here, please.