Cubase 10.5 Pro Activation problem

Hi guys

I am writing to seek help with the newly upgraded cubase. Previously I have
been using 9.5 pro which I had purchased from one of the retailers in
Melbourne. I have decided to get the new version of cubase and after
successful installation the program is telling me that I have not yet
activated the permanent licence.
I did go to the e licenser which I downloaded the latest version and
carried out the maintenance as well. I have also received the activation
code via email after the purchase and punched that in to the e-licenser.
By the look of it I have the full licence on the usb licenser for 10 pro
but the message I get in the #Select Licence To upgrade# window is that #
there is no licence available which can be upgraded by the upgrade licence.
It looks like to me that by installing the new version it somehow made the
licencer not to see the old 9.5 licence maybe???

I have tried everything I could and the same issue is happening. I also
purchased a new usb licenser thinking that maybe that was the issue but
did not work if anything Cubase said that there were no licenses available
at all.
I have also noticed that the old 9.5 version on my computer was not over
writtn by 10 pro. I could run either 9.5 or 10. Looks like I had two cubase
verions instaled as individual DAWS. I have uninstalled the 9.5 version but
it leaves me with 10.5 which is telling me that in 12 hrs it will not work

Could you pls help me out with this issue

Thank You

Hi there,

You did purchase for a wrong upgrade version. You may need to open a ticket to customer support to get help.
Nice day.

Similar problem here, did you find anything that could help?