Cubase 10.5 Pro changing output of MIDI track randomly

Hi there.
I have an issue which obstructs working proccess too much.

When i add new VST instrument(Kontakt in most cases) and midi track, output of midi track is changing to another random VSTi.
That happens randomly, not every time i add VSTi.

If i change output of this new-created midi track and re-open project, output VSTi still will be wrong.
Only with second try after changing output and re-openning project, everything is ok.

That obstructs working proccess too much in projects with 20-30 VSTi.

Is there any solution?


This is something I have noticed a couple of times in Cubase 10 Pro, not when adding a VSTi though. To me it happened when i open a project and then suddenly one of the midi tracks are outputting to a different VSTi (usually Kontakt).
Haven’t been able to chase down the culprit here, mostly because I only use several Kontakt instances during songwriting and these will be replaced by actual recorded audio before mixing.

Yeah, that happens too…