Cubase 10.5 pro Disk 100% full Issue

Hello friends of Cubase

The problem is that pressing F12 the disk reaches 100% when I open a project with stereo tracks. If I use MONO tracks nothing happens. The funny thing is that having stereo tracks without using plugins cuts the audio and I can’t work properly. It really frustrates me a lot and I haven’t found help with this issue. I have the professional version and it frustrates me that I can’t work properly on something that I really like

The last img I’m using studio one 4 and it’s looks like fine.

Any suggestions?

it’s hard to say what is the issue.

I would first off check all my Cubase settings like asio driver used etc.
Then I’d run LatencyMon to see if there is anything that suggests a problem with your computer
then update all drivers

I have experienced occasional dropouts from disk way back in the day, but mostly is some other apps running in the background