Cubase 10.5 Pro: how to write current state of MixConsole and MidiDevice at one click

Cubase 10.5 Pro
Is there any solution, how to write the current state (or setting) of my mixConsole (as it is possible in Cubase VST)?
If I set my mixConsole and the MIDI device, I want to save this setting as the automation track at the current position for all the tracks and all the controllers (pan, volume, CCs etc).
In Cubase VST I set my mixConsole and the MIDI device, I click to write button and automation track is created with the actual setting. After this I move the automation track to position.
But in Cubase 10.5 I can’t do this.

Hi and welcome,

Use Automation Panel in Cubase. Here focus to the Fill area. Here you can set, where do you want to write the current parameters setting.

Hi, Martin. I think, that I see you any time.
So, I think it doesn’t work like Cubase VST. For MIDI device needs to play song, for volume etc. it doesn’t create automation point where song is stopped. So, if I create automation track for midi device, any movement with controll (knob etc.) with write button enabled doesn’t create new value too, but return to writen value.


If the track is in Automation Read mode, then yes.

So, I think, that this is more complicated. I can’t still found the right way.