Cubase 10.5 pro license not showing in Activation Manager + how to upgrade?

Aloha from Vancouver Canada. I have been working with my Cubase 10.5 pro on Windows 10 home since April 2020.
Was considering upgrading when I noticed that I have no licenses showing in Activation Manager! Why is that ?
and how can I/should I upgrade, and is there a deal? :slight_smile:
Thanks kindly for the help.

Please read: Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

This doesn’t answer my question I don’t think…or at least not clearly!
is there a point to the activation manager? am I supposed to see anything there? do I need to do something else first? thx!

You can check the status of your licenses using the new Steinberg Activation Manager software, which will be automatically installed when you install software that uses Steinberg Licensing. Steinberg Activation Manager lists your licensed products and allows you to activate them on your computer, or release a license if you want to activate on another computer.

Your current licenses can be found in the eLicenser Control Center.

The Steinberg Activation Manager is exclusively used by the new “Steinberg Licensing” system. Once you upgrade to Cubase Pro 12, its license will show up here.

If you can see your Cubase Pro 10.5 license in the eLicenser Control Center, you can safely upgrade.