Cubase 10.5 Pro (now 11) a recorded song with all audio missing in the CPR

We are in the middle of recording a 14 song album. Song 8 was recorded this past weekend. After we finished I did a rough mix and exported the audio and created a wav and MP3. Sent it to the guys and it sounded great. Last night they came over to finish the harmony vox and a couple of additional fillers and when I opened the CPR the file opened and it showed all the instruments with fade in and fade outs, clips etc… BUT NO audio in any of the 22 tracks that were complete. It brings up the locate, search folder and it is only showing the files of another song we recorded a month ago? I can’t find the audio information anywhere??? Any ideas as to where I may find the audio files or maybe recover the previous files? I have opened every one of the 10 bak files and the same result-NO AUDIO in 22 tracks.

Take a look in the audio pool - it may tell you where the missing audio is supposed to be.

I’m guessing you (possibly) got into a confusion regarding songs/folders.