Cubase 10.5 Pro Reactivation

I installed Cubase 10.5 pro initially on my iMac, now i want to re-install it on my Laptop having windows 10. I did all necessary installations but unable to get activation codes. 'm getting message as “There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate”. Fact is
My steinberg account shows two copies of soft elicenser -
My Elicenser lists one of them-
I’m failing to understand why i’m getting message as “There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate”
Please HELP resolve this issue.
Thanks & Regards

Soft eLicenser? Pro needs hardware

And there is no need for reactivation!

Thanks will try after connecting my UR-44C

Do you have an USB Licenser?
If not, then you don’t have “PRO”

No I don’t have USB Licencer

May be I need to check with Cubase-10 then. But then still the question about activation codes remains as is right?

You need to reactivate…

I already tried this but when I put my OLD elicenser number I get message as “This eLicenser is deprecated”. And for NEW elicenser number appearing in my elicenser control I get message as "“There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate”. What to do NOW

hi Vnanbekar

I’m a little confused - as usual !

To assist further we need to know:

What EXACT version of cubase you have (elements/artist/AI/Pro) - hopefully this will show in your MySteinberg account.

Have you installed the elicenser software on your windows laptop ?

Where is the error message "There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate” coming from ?

Have you registered the elicencer on your mac to your MySteinberg Account ?

Have you already transferred the licence once before ? - this may be the depreciated message

I’ve AI, YES I’ve installed elicenser software on my laptop. the error message is coming at my steinberg account when I try to reactivate license. Earlier I did register on my mac. No This is for the first time I’m transferring the license. The entire episode went like this as I was unaware I downloaded Pro on my laptop then re-activted license I got the activation codes. But when I tried to use them I got message as the codes are already used and co not be used again. Then I’m coming across this issue of getting above mentioned messages. My steinberg account shows TWO soft elicenser numbers with NO product, my elicenser control shows one number with NO product. My steinberg account as well doesn’t show any activated product. do let me know if I’m missing any link in between. Thx

What does the elicencer software on your imac show ?

When I checked last time It was showing there is NO active license

ok - if none of you computers elicencers show an active licence - and none are shown in your account then I think only Steinberg themselves can fix this for you. You can open a ticket in your MySteinberg account.

I’d try a maintenance, a recover and re-register all your sofware elicencers just in case…can’t do any harm

Odd though - that licence has gone somewhere…SB should be able to find out where.


I’m sorry I just checked my Mac it shows active license for Cubase LE AI Elements 10. It also shows soft elicenser number in elicenser control which is not appearing at my steinberg. Please advise

As I mentioned, try registering that elicencer to your mysteinberg account (it’s an elicenser menu option)

If you have downloaded pro then you don’t have the right licence anyway. Pro requires a usb licence dongle. I take it you need to move the soft elicence and you need to download the right software. If it is AI you should be able to update the licence to the new one. If not then you need to raise a ticket with support. I’m not sure how that will go as a friend is having a licence problem with a steinberg plugin and struggling to get a response.