Cubase 10.5 Problem with activate product

Hello. I used the key to activate Cubase 10.5, and after a while I reinstalled the computer. All programs, including Cubase, have been erased, and after re-installing it, it does not allow you to activate it, since the key is already used. What to do?

Since the license is stored on a eLicenser there is no need for reactivation unless you destroyed your eLicenser

That’s problem, because i destroyed it

Then you have to buy a new Steinberg key at your dealer…

Do i have any else variant to not by it?

Cubase Pro needs an USB licenser (Steinberg key) to work

Maybe i can write to official support with request to deactivate it?

Do you have a Steinberg Key or not?
Which edition of Cubase?

Yeh, i have it, but i didn’t register it in eLicenser. I only entered it in the program.
Cubese 10.5

which version of cubase ?

PRO ? Elements ?

I have Cubase 10.5 AL Pro.

that’s different… then you have to contact support for reactivation

I’m still a little confused as to which version ?

What is AL ?

I guess he is talking about AI

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Yeh. About it. Yeh

How can I do this?


we can probably help but need to know which EXACT version - the solution is different depending

So. I wil look it now

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Cubase Al 10.5

That’s for number of characters.


IF you registered the software elicencer you can request a replacement activation code. You need to log into your MySteinberg account