Cubase 10.5 silent crash on startup unless "Cubase Pro Module Cache.xml" deleted

Cubase 10.5 initial release on Win 10 v1909

Launched fine on initial launch. Subsequent launches of the program would silently crash around when it would show as loading the “Control Room” module, though that may not be indicative of anything. Troubleshooting I deleted the “Cubase Pro Module Cache.xml” from the prefs folder and Cubase would launch fine. Now I have to delete it every time to launch successfully.

The only thing non-standard about my setup is that I do use an old control surface called the Frontier Designs Alphatrack which does work like a champ (including on 10.5). It has a “component” dll called “AlphaTrackCN64.dll” which I have manually installed in the 10.5 components folder.

Please advise how I might help the team fix this issue in future builds. Thank you.

Almost forgot, I tested a cycle with the “AlphaTrackCN64.dll” removed from components entirely. Deleted the Module Cache file and launched Cubase. Worked on initial launch after the deletion but subsequent launches failed in the same way as prior so I’m ruling out that component DLL as a factor