Cubase 10.5 some plugins not working anymore

After installing 10.5, I noticed that some FabFilter plugins don’t work as they should.

It is possible to select and load them, but their slot shows as grey instead of blue, with a “volume dial” as icon instead of the bypass icon.
Opening the GUI via double-click or by clicking the “e” icon doesn’t work, also the drop-down menu (down-arrow) doesn’t work anymore. Only way to remove the plugin is to move the active box via cursor keys and press “delete”.

Something is broken in there…

You probably have Constrian delay compensation turned on. turn it off

Similar issue:

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Yup, that did it - thanx!
A bit strange behavior for a DAW - not so intuitive (principle of least surprise?). But now at least I know how to deal with it…

I had same issue today.
Thank you for help.

It happens the same to me, jajajejajaj, really easy and I was so worried about, ajajaja. Thanks.

Had the same thing in 10.5 and even updated to 11.0 to see if it goes away (which it didn’t). Please solve this issue in future versions, took me some time to find this thread. Thx!