Cubase 10.5 suddenly silenced (Audio and MIDI stops)

Hi there,

I’m mixing a project in a laptop with lots of VSTi’s on it. The laptop is pushed to the limit, I know it. The question is that Cubase 10.5 suddenly stops all audio and MIDI in this project. I’ve closed the project, powered off the laptop, take of the power cord from the wall socket, and wait for about five minutes prior to power on again.

Once restarted, Cubase 10.5 still refuses to run audio or MIDI in this project. To my surprise, Cubase 9.5 opens the project and runs audio and MIDI withot troubles. The only workaround that I have find in Cubase 10.5 to have this project running, is to freeze all VSTi’s, and save the project as new version.

This makes me wonder, is 9.5 more stable than 10.5? If this is true… what’s the point on ruining a perfect professional DAW?

By the way… bring us back the old Transport Panel, and the right click functions of the SCORE menu. It’s a nightmare to try to remember in wich menu are the functions that I need on the SCORE editor, and the transport panel… simply useless.



Could you share the project, please? I would be wondering to try it out here on my side.

Hi Martin, forgive the delay.

Unfortunately I don’t have the permission of the client to share his work. Finally I’ve to freeze everything as I told before in this project and “save as” it. This way it runs again in 10.5.

Thanks for try to help.