Cubase 10.5 tracks get muted, solved only with disabling the EQ

I upgraded from cubase 10 to 10.5 few weeks ago

And it already happened few times.
I load a project that worked just fine, and some group tracks don’t put through the sound to the stereo out.
The only thing that solves it is disabling the strip EQ, once enabled again, sound stops coming through.
It’s a very strange behaviour, there are no automations, no mutes, the engaged strip eq seems to be the only trigger.

Is it a known issue? am I missing out something?

See it sometimes here too.

i’ve been noticing that with a few instrument tracks too… no mute, volume up, output direct to stereo out but no sound…if i solo the track it will play but if i unmute all the other tracks again it’ll go silent even though it’s not muted