Cubase 10.5 Upgrade not recognizing Cubase 6 license, cannot open/upgrade to Cubase 10.5

Hey everyone, first time poster, would have called support but apparently today is a bank holiday or something so I’m posting in here for whatever help I can possibly get, or clarifications.

I purchased the 10.5 upgrade (at 40% off) recently and wanted to upgrade from my old Cubase 6; however when I go activate Cubase 10.5, it does not recognize Cubase 6 as an “upgradable license” for some reason (as you can see here )

I sent an email to a board admin, but am just feeling pretty helpless and hope I didn’t just throw several hundred dollars down the drain :frowning:

If there’s any advice you could give I would greatly appreciate it, I’ll reach out on the weekend/Monday of course by phone if possible but otherwise I 'm pretty screwed lol, cheers everyone

I just realized the upgrade was for “Cubase Artist 6” and not “Cubase 6”… I bought the more expensive version (Cubase 6) in the past and somehow missed that it was exclusively for the “Artist” series… hoping to either be able to acquire an activation code that would work for my Cubase 6 license or a refund for the purchase u_u was too eager at the sight of the great deal I guess!

You’ll need to get an UPDATE and not an UPGRADE.