Cubase 10.5 upgrade NOW or BLACK FRIDAY ?

Do we have any information or any experience from the past years


I’m about to buy the update 10.5

My opinion: I’d upgrade now. You never know but, as far as I remember, Steinberg never offered a deal on Black Friday for a resently released new version of CB.

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I"d like to know is the 59.00 standard price? Isn’t it normally 99.00?? Or will it possibly go down for the holiday?

$59 is the typical upgrade price for a half step (v Pro 10 to v Pro 10.5) upgrade. $99 is the typical price for an upgrade from a major release to the next (v Pro 10.5 to v Pro 11). It seems unlikely the price will go down for the holiday. Butn you ne er know.

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So if it were 10.5 and i was upgrading to 11, it would be 100.00? But an upgrade to a .5 is cheaper?


I have great doubts they’ll put the 10.5 update on sale that early after its release. But there were summer sales in the past with reduced update prices (-50%). If one is patient, it can be worth it, of course, there is no guarantee of repetition.


Here we go!