Cubase 10.5 upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro

I want to know why Steinberg is not allowing users from Canada to purchase the discounted upgrade on Sweetwater. Presently there is a discounted upgrade for US$99 which I attempted to buy from Sweetwater yesterday, but was told that it is only for sale for users in the USA and other selected countries outside of the USA. What a shame. I was trying to save some money because the upgrade on the Steinberg website is US150. I have purchased Toontrack’s third-party plugins from Sweetwater with no problems. Could Steinberg explain or anyone explain why users from Canada cannot purchase the upgrade from Sweetwater? Is there any Canadian distributor with a similar promotion?

I have no idea.
But if you wait for a few months, Steinberg is usually having a Cubase sale in late summer. Then you should be able to buy the upgrade at discount from the Steinberg website.

It’s a good idea to be signed up to the Steinberg newsletter, so you don’t miss it. I’ve read they actually have an extra upgrade sale right now, on email invitation…

I might wait for the summer sale if I am not doing any new projects. I am not clear on the term ‘on email invitation’ with regards to the supposedly upgrade sale that is presently on.

I read some people had got email with an upgrade discount (a code I suppose), it was not shown on the web page (at least not everywhere geographically).

However, now the upgrade sale is on the web page too, so it’s 40% off right now (US$ 150 as you wrote actually, and for Sweetwater it’s now the same). Normal upgrade price from Artist to Pro is US$ 250.