Cubase 10.5 & Vienna ensemble pro 6 issue

Hi ,

I have 2 issues with cubase 10.5.12 and VEP 6 ,

I’m on OSX Mojave 10.14.6.

So first ,

I have my VEP tracks ( midi , audio return ) within Cubase like we usually do . And , of course , I have some other tracks , like audio tracks , software synth etc etc . When I switch from an audio track or instrument track ( other than VEP tracks ) to a midi VEP track . I can hear a silence when the session plays , like if the session stops for 1 second . It is pretty annoying . I really don’t why and how to fix it ?

Second ,

I’m working on a enabled / disabled VEP template . My enable / disable parameter in VEP are set to CC127 , so when I draw an automation in cubase on CC 127 , I can enable or disabe the channel . So far so good . BUT when I draw this automation and I loop a Clip event in cubase , I can hear a kind of pop , drop out everytime the loop comes back to the beggining of the clip . If I delete the automation , everything works fine . So I guess , Cubase keeps sending the CC information which could cause this pop . In fact , I don’t really know .

My other question about this template is : How do you handle with enabled / disabled tracks in VEP when you switch from a session to another one in Cubase ? Do I have to reload my disabled VEP template everytime I switch my Cubase session ?

Thanks in advance ,

Julien .

Hi and welcome,

By default, the Record is enabled on the selected track. That means, the track switches to the “real time” mode and all data is processed in the real time. Therefore there is the gap between the pre-streamed and the real time data.