Cubase 10.5 Won't open & close properly

Hello Everyone !

I upgraded today from Cubase LE to Cubase Elements and I got some graphic bugs, don’t know if anyone already got this problem…

  1. Checked the “safe mode” (using alt/ctrl/shift) to disable all the plugins and reset preferences : problem still here
  2. Checked if every driver was up-to-date (Audient iD14, Nvdia, Midikeyboard, Windows 10) : problem still here
  3. Desinstalled it and reinstalled it : problem still here

Do someone know this issue ? Do someone have a solution for this ?
Have a great day !

Hi and welcome,

Cubase LE and Elements are the very same executable/applications.

  1. There is no background for Cubase by default. If you want to get it, double-click the menu bar.

  2. It depends on your Project window setup (Maximized or not). If the window is maximised, by the first clicking to the X you close the project (not Cubase).

Sweet mother of god, thank you !

I used Cubase 5 until then and It’s sooooooooo different ! I thought those was graphic bugs and not how the software works ! Thanks alot !

CTRL Q exits the project and the program but it takes some getting used to! Eventually you stop clicking the X.

I use Cubase 10.5 in maximized mode all the time. I click X to close the current project and the Cubase toolbar is still displayed. I click the X a second time and Cubase closes but it takes forever!! I mean about 8 seconds and that’s forever in terms of computer processing time these days. It must be doing a boatload of stuff in the background to take so long. I bought a very powerful gaming computer for recording. I rn everything off Samsung SSDs and yet, Cubase is sluggish to close. Fortunately, it runs fast during the workflow, which is everything I guess.


Yes, it takes some time Cubase to quit. Unplug all the components…

I’m not sure “powerful gaming computer” is the best setup for DAW. Sometimes it could be even contra productive.

I’m not sure “powerful gaming computer” is the best setup for DAW. Sometimes it could be even contra productive.

How so, Martin? Are there settings I can change to leverage better performance? I bought a dedicated Samsung T5, 1TB SSD for running EastWest libraries. The SSD is plugged into a blue USB input on my PC, which suggests it’s a USB 3.0 input. The EW libraries still load slowly; although better than my old HDD.

When I have several MIDI tracks with the EW libraries, Cubase will sometimes hang. I now run two versions of the same song. The first is with the MIDI tracks and their converted audio tracks. The second is a copy of the first but with the MIDI tracks deleted. It only contains audio tracks. That version is lightning fast.


Dont worry about it. A beasty computer is a beast no matter how you swing it.


There are two parts. One is the hardware itself. Sometimes the best gaming hardware, which is strongly oriented to graphic could be slow for DAW, because it uses too much resources (CPU) to graphic, instead of the Audio thread (for example). Then there is the software part, tweaking Windows and the drivers. For example NVIDIA offers 2 driver types. One for gaming, other for studio.The difference is huge.

I’m not Windows guy, but there are companies focused on building Studio computers, tweak the system. You can also find lots of great tips here on the forum or at other music-oriented forums.

Thanks, Martin. I’m going to look into the NVIDIA driver.


If you own NVIDIA, try this, please:

  • Uninstall the NVIDIA driver.
  • Download the latest Studio driver version from here.
  • Start the installation (as administrator).
  • Don’t install the whole package, use the Custom (Advanced) settins.
  • Disable everything (don’t install NVIDIA Experience, PhysX, etc.), keep just the video driver enabled.

Hi Martin. I teach an online college course, which starts in a few days. I am familiar with driver updates but is there any danger in doing this modification so that it causes issues with my computer? I need to be up and running.
Also, what is the overall advantage of this modification? Many thanks for your information :slight_smile:!


On the DAW side, it brings just an advantages (better performance, all objects are visible in Cubase, etc.). As far as I know, here on the forum some users were complaining, the gaming was worse then. But that’s not my interest at all.

I’m not Windows guy, but from the feedback here on the forum, I haven’t seen any problems or disadvantages from the DAW point of view.

Okay thanks, Martin.