Cubase 10.5

Hi guys,

This is like the 3rd time trying, hopefully it will work.

So I bought the UR22mkII about 18 months ago, with an activation code to download a version 10.0 of Cubase Elements.
However, the license has expired recently.
I had several questions:

  1. How do I know I have the full version already or is it just a demo?
  2. What type of product do I need to buy? Is it the full version or the updates & upgrades ?
  3. Is the software permanent after I buy it or rather a license for 12 months like the version I received with the driver?



First of all, Cubase AI is bundled with Steinberg hardware, not Cubase Elements. So if you have used Cubase Elements, you have most probably used the Trial license.

  1. In the eLCC application.

  2. With Steinberg UR you get Cubase AI. You can use it. If you want/need more features, you can upgrade to Elements or Artist or Pro. These are paid upgrades.

  3. Yes, the license is permanent.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the advice
Actually, it seems there was a problem with the eLicenser program, and after updating everything is working good!