Cubase 10 Additional Content won't install

I’m a bit cranky. I’ve been at this for some time. My installation app won’t install Additional Content. It creates the folder where it should be (MAC: user>library>application support>Steinberg>content>VST Sound. But it’s empty! The content is sitting in the installation folder VST Sound. The Library Manager doesn’t show any libraries. If I take the VST Sound contents and manually move it to where it should be, Cubase will see them but many files are missing when I try to load a preset. And the Loops folder in the Media tab is empty. I have purged and reinstalled Cubase 10 twice with no better results. I could sure use some kind assistance.


Isn’t it a permission issue? Do you have a permission to write to this folder?

Thanks for getting back Martin. Good suggestion but the installer creates the folder with no prior opportunity to effect permissions. I’m thinking also that since I use the admin account to install, the resulting folders would have read/write permission. The folder it creates has read/write permission but is empty. I try using the Library Manager but it is empty as well. The only option I have is to drag the contents from the download folder to the program folder after installation. And this results in many missing files.
BTW,I see that Wednesday is your 8th year anniversary on the forum. Congrats.


I’m not Windows expert, but I expect if you would right-click to the installer and run it as an administrator, you should get admin rights and you should get a permissions to read/write to any folder the installer creates.

Oh, thank you! I didn’t know about my anniversary. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Martin,

I wasn’t clear, sorry. I am on a mac. iMac Pro 10.13.6. I’m signed in as admin and do have read/write access. I’m reinstalling once again and will have to settle for installing Additional Content manually unless some other fix materializes. Thanks again.