Cubase 10 and Bias Amp 2 Compatibility

I am having trouble with running Bias Amp 2 in Cubase 10.

The Bias Amp 2 plug in does load within the DAW, I can access Tonecloud, tweak amp settings etc. However, the plug in does not register my audio signal. I can’t get it to actually influence the sound of my audio signal.

I am using a 2019 iMac with macOS Catalina. I have also installed Bias Amp 2 as an app on my iMac. When I load the app outside of the DAW, it works - the audio signal is picked up by Bias Amp and everything works as it should.

I have just tested it in Garageband and Bias Amp 2 works fine in Garageband…but not Cubase.

Any idea what’s going on?

So I did some reading and am interpreting this as a Cubase 10 compatibility with Catalina issue. Some plug ins not working well on Cubase 10 if using Catalina. No indication of when Steinberg will resolve.I can’t revert back to Mojave just to solve this problem, will affect function of other programs. Will have to run in GarageBand until this is solved.