Cubase 10 and new AVID S1 / Control

Hey guys,

anyone already using that combination? Most interested in how the new Avid S1 is working with Cubase 10 as I want to buy 1 or two of that.




I just bought an Avid S1 in combination with a Samsung Galaxy S5e tab and I have to say, that it works perfect!
I’m on Nuendo 10, but this should not make any difference…

I’m delighted!


Interesting, are you not experiencing the hardware track limitations widely reported in both Steinberg and avid forums?

don’t really know what you mean, sorry.
just added 100 stereo tracks and 100 mono tracks in a blank session and everything works fine - I can access every track as it should be…
the only annoying thing is, that tracks which are invisible in Nuendo, are still shown on the S1 / in the Avid control app.
and I found a few smaller “issues” which are solved more elegant using the S1 in combination with ProTools instead of Nuendo.


Eucon needs to be integrated better. Hiding tracks will not reflect on the control surface, etc.

The S1 is the new version of the Avid Artist mix. The functionality is the same, it’s just the layout is a little different. The S1 has 4 extra user assignable buttons.

It’s ok but it could be a lot better.

I have the Avid artist mix units. The worst thing by far is if you press the insert button on a virtual instrument track, goes to MIDI inserts not audio inserts and you can only add a MIDI insert. Which means you basically can’t use it at all to mix on virtual instrument tracks. It’s super annoying. They need to fix it really badly. I blame Steinberg for this. Who wants to add a MIDI plugin anyway. It should go to the audio inserts. It only can control and add Audio inserts on audio channels. If you don’t bounce your virtual instruments down to audio channels, you will find it super annoying.

They work fine with Audio tracks but they work independent of what you click with the mouse. Meaning, if you open a plugin with the mouse, you still have to open and select that plugin from the control surface if you want to control it. It won’t follow what is open on the screen. They have an EQ button which will open the first EQ plugin you have. It will also open the first compressor plugin that you have. They won’t however, cycle between different EQs and compressors so if you mix like me and use multiple EQ plugins, the button will only open the first one. You have to dive through menus and fine the exact plugin/EQ you want to open which takes much longer. Same if you have multiple compressors. I often have one for compressing and another for sidechaining. It will only open the first one quickly. You have to go through the menus to find and open the 2nd one. They should make it so that if you press the EQ or Compressor plugin a second time, it opens the 2nd EQ, 3rd time, 3rd EQ and so on. The EQ and Compressor buttons are not an actual button on the mix, you have to press shift and then press the arm button or shift and then press the select button. They’re not even labelled.

To be honest, it’s still slower than mixing with the mouse in terms of controlling plugins but it’s better for RSI than using the mouse all the time so it’s good in the fact that you can vary your movement.

I think there is also a way to use the knobs or faders to control Cubase’s quick controls but I don’t use it.

Another thing I dislike when mixing is if you open a plugin in the mixer with the mouse, the control surface won’t bank over to that channel. The only way you can make it bank over is to click the bottom of the channel in the mixer to select it. Not something you would normally do when mixing with the mouse. Once it is banked over, you can then go through the menus on the Artist Mix to find the plugin you want to control.

As other people have mentioned, hidden tracks in the Cubase mixer will still show on the control surface. So no matter how you change the visibility of the tracks in the Cubase mixer, they won’t disappear off the control surface.

The S1 will be the same since it’s still Eucon. All of these issues are Eucon related. Eucon in Cubase needs an update and Eucon on the Avid side also needs an update. Steinberg and Avid refuse to work together to solve the problem. They just blame each other and nothing ever gets done. Which is crazy since Steinberg invented Eucon in the first place.

no, I don’t have this issue. I can easily scroll and select 200+ Tracks in the “Tracks” view of the Avid control app.
But as I mentioned, there are a few other “bugs” using the S1 / Avid Control app with Nuendo.

  1. first of all (and for me the biggest one): hidden tracks in the Nuendo Mixer are still visible / available in the Avid control app / on the S1
  2. Nuendo doesn’t follow scrolling in the app / nudging or banking on the S1, I think this should be the case to achieve useful navigation in the session when combining Nuendo with the app and the controller
  3. the track switch keys on the bottom of the S1 don’t work initially, allthough I didn’t try to programm them with soft keys
  4. if you open a plugin via the S1, it opens in Nuendo, but when you close it on the S1 (using the “back” button) it is not closing in Nuendo and remains on the screen
  5. there may be a few more I didn’t recognize / found so far…

So as I researched, most of these “problems” occured already with the old artist series. But it depends on what you want to do with the controller / App and what the most of your sessions look like. For my purpose, I’m to 90% satisfied, the remaining 10% are due to the “bugs” I’ve mentioned above.


Thank you for all that feedback. So this is not a nobrainer for a Cubase guy. But I think it is the best controller yet - or the most professional. So to be safe only 1 will be tested. Hope Eucon gets updated for all the things you listed.

go for it and test the S1! and then please contact steinberg support and tell them about the EUCON adapter issues with their software.
I think if lots of us contact support with these issues, they may get sensitive an help us out :slight_smile:


I contacted Avid and Steinberg support regarding the issues…
no answer from Steinberg so far (wrote them 3 weeks ago!!!), but several answers from Avid!
They will fix the bug in the “Tracks” view of the Avid control app, and

“At the moment, we have one bug ticket confirmed as already reported, which is with “Plug-in, Pan, and Send windows not closing when exiting using Cubase/Nuendo” (GWSW-13534). The remaining bug tickets remain to be validated at this time.”

yeah, lets have a look and wait if something turns to the good

Can you do multiple channel selection with Eucon devices? Like you do with the mouse. command-mouseclick?

Will the S1 follow the visibility options within the arrangement window? So if one created a visibility snapshot of just the drums in the arrange window, will the S1 only show these drum tracks?

I know that it doesnt work with track visibility within the mixer as previously discussed.

There’s option for track visibility in cubase 11. It’s under EuCon setting and it works.