Cubase 10 and the dark side...

I quickly jumped on Cubase 10, believing Steinberg’s willingness to evolve their cave interface. Well no. Steinberg gives a layer!

This dark side, this typo too fat, these coarse features, as big as the lifts (they too small, ridiculously), spoil the nice features of Cubase for several versions.

The coloring of tracks and clip jumps from awkwardness to stupidity, with a panel that closes at each click like a hatch. Nobody thought to provide a permanent sign, for poor users who have a lot of work identifying elements by colors? I have to deepen the thing (and put on my diving suit from the depths), but I do not think I’m wrong, although I hope so.

Some musicians at night or who follow certain modes of black clothing, to express a world without exit, undoubtedly like the tragic theater of Steinberg, but the other professionals, the normal people, who sometimes smile and love the sun, if rare in the studios, are abandoned. If symptoms of psychological depression began to appear, Cubase 10 will complete the work.

I propose a Cubase 10 package + online psychotherapy sessions. At least to save the customer.

I was trying to get out of AVID, with a Pro Tools that did not move very fast, but I think finally, in front of the errors of Steinberg, that it is not bad to be conservative!

Here an attempt to give some day to the very dark Cubase 10.


Think you found a good balance with that theme layout you created there.
Dark themes can work great. But they do depend on room lightning and monitor.

I usualy just jump between a custom blue theme layout and default theme layout.
I find the blue color to work the best for long hours.

I been figuring out some custom colors,and found an overall blue theme to be good for the long nights

Got more work to do on mine,but here is the basic colour

There’s already a preset in this style under Preferences / User Interface / Color Schemes. But your Key Editor colors are much better.

Oh, I just realized that customization does indeed affect the new dialog widgets as well. So this is pretty great, everyone can have their favorite color scheme in more areas of the program. I love the dark theme personally, but I’m glad this is going into a direction of more choice for everyone.

Thats almost the same color as my blue theme :slight_smile:
Might not look sexy, but it does wonders on the mood and eyes.

Ha,ha thanks!
Glad I’m not the only one who likes the colour.Yeah its kinda soothing in a weird way :laughing:
Any suggestions to improving the color would be welcome :smiley:


Were were just talking about the opposite the other day and wanted to make Cubase 10 even darker, more like in Logic Pro X

So searched to see if other people thought the same and found the complete opposite. That You guys like it lighter.

I guess you won’t like my darker preset then lol.

Something we can all agree on though is that it’s good that Steinberg lets us change the colors and styles of Cubase to suit our personal preferences. So we can make it as light or as dark as we like.