Cubase 10 Artist no longer plays videos larger than 480p smoothly after upgrading from Artist 8 on Windows 10 x64

Hi there,

After upgrading Cubase 8 Artist to Cubase 10 Artist on both studio iMac and my Laptop Windows 10 64x, I have no longer able to play 1080p and 720p videos on my Laptop smoothly. Luckily my studio iMac had no problems, but my laptop could only play 480p smoothly.

I have the latest OSX Mojave, the latest Windows Home 10 64x and the latest Cubase 10 Artist 10.0.15. I opened the same Cubase project on both computers with the same 1080p video. The iMac handles everything fine, but My laptop only plays a couple of frames and the video freezes. The audio plays fine on both platforms no matter the size of the video.

I had no issues with 1080p video playback neither on iMac nor on Windows before upgrade. In order to continue working with my laptop, now I have to convert the video to 480p and import it back to the project. It takes too much time and it is not a solution at all.

I have done some testing on my Laptop: I imported 1080p (11.9 Mb/s), 720p (8944 kb/s) and 480p (6096 kb/s) MP4 (MPEG-4, x264) videos into Cubase project.

1080p (11.9 Mb/s) video played couple of frames and left frozen till the end of the video. It didn’t matter where I started the playback - it always froze after a couple of frames.
720p (8944 kb/s) video also played several frames, then got stuck for a second or two, and continued smoothly till the end. I thought it was workable. But when I started playing from random points in timeline, it either froze or froze after several frames, or played fine and then froze – It was hard to find a pattern.
480p (6096 kb/s) video had no issues. I could jump randomly in timeline, loop, stop/play etc. But 480p is not an option if you are making SFX/foley and you need to see all the details in the picture. So 1080p is at least a must.

Then I thought the bit rate of the video was too high. So I did the same testing with lower bit rates - 1080p (3150 kb/s), 720p (1654 kb/s) and 480p (903 kb/s):

1080p (3150 kb/s) video - same results ;(
720p (1654 kb/s) video - a little improvement, but not quite 100% smooth. The video still froze randomly.
480p (903 kb/s) video - no issues at all but not acceptable.

Any suggestions?
Any solutions?
Any extra testing I should do?

Same with 9.5 and 10 pro. no solution offered :slight_smile:

Any new updates on this issue?

This is becoming such a drag… Did not expect this from Steinberg… what a rush to release new version and benefit from it before doing testing.

same problem, 1080p videos play fine through other players - VLC, Quicktime etc, but gets choppy through cubase 10, is there a way to assign a different player?