Cubase 10 Artist plays notes that actually are not there

Hi, i purchased CA 10 and when i open a project that i created, every time there is, in my case, a latin piano tune playing on and on through the projects. Looks like something is ‘hanging’ but these notes don’t show up in the project. Spooky gostnotes who don’t exist but they are audible.
Anyone knows what the cause could be?
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have no MIDI feedback.

Make sure you don’t send a MIDI data from a Chord Pad or Chord Track to an unwanted track.

Make sure you have no Remote Device connected, which would send some data.

Of course it helps to identify the MIDI Input, which gets the MIDI data.

Thanks for your reply Martin.

The issue is the piano mambo 104 loop found in the loopbrowser.
Even when it’s not in the project it plays on and on.
Fysically stop that loop from playing solved the problem.
However, it doesn’t explane that this loop shows up in nearly every project i made.
Maybe a reinstall of the program could solve the problem as well other issues i experience with CA 10, it’s a bit buggy at the moment.

Turn Over SYNC in the Loop browser, hover over the bottom of the loop browser icons till you see the sync one, click it off

Hi shanabit,

I don’t see any Sync option there.
Do you mean “link playback to chord track” and turn that off?


Do you have Preview Cycle switched on in the Loop Browser by any chance?


Preview Cycle is not activated.
The Mambo loop is a midi file and midi loops don’t have a preview Cycle switch in the loop browser.
For the moment i switched off auto play new results and link playback to chord track and then resave.
Looks they are activated by default.

A reset on CA10 ( + + ) did solve the problem.
No more Mambo in the previous projects.