Cubase 10 Artist USB e-license fail after win10 reinstall

Hi folks! I have my system re-installed on another SSD drive and cannot open my C10Artist now. The usb dongle is plugged directly into the same USB port as before. The latest e-licenser software sees the dongle and says the license for Cubase is present and valid. I have also done the maintanance routine opening it as Admin. But when i start Cubase it says “No license found, the program will quit now”. What do i do?

Hi and welcome,

If you own Cubase Artist 10 license, make sure you have installed Cubase 10.0.x (10.0.50 is the latest update). Cubase 10.5 is a paid update.

This is not made clear on the download page. I too had the impression it was just a free update to Cubase 10. It’s $20 to upgrade to 10.5.

that was the exact problem, noticed it after several hours of struggling :laughing: that was my mistake of course, but a humble reminder on the downloads page could really be useful for guys like me :slight_smile:

Same! I’ve just been through the exact same problem. Fresh install, opted for 10.5 because I figured it was a free update. I’m now locked out of Cubase because I only have a valid Artist 10.0 license.

At least I’m now able to figure out what the hell has been going on all this time when it’s been telling me I have a trial period despite having my dongle plugged in.