Cubase 10 Artist works on MAC OS El Capitain?


I currently have Cubase Artist 9.5 working on my Mac with El Capitain. (v10.11.6)
Does anyone know if Artist 10 is also working on my computer?

Hope someone can verify this. Would be a big loss if I can not upgrade anymore.

Gr. Phil

The system requirements for Cubase 10 are given as Sierra, High Sierra or Mojave. I’m afraid Steinberg’s support for El Capitan is coming to an end seemingly in all products; it has already been announced that the next version of Dorico will not support El Capitan.

El Capitan has been unsupported since August 2018, which means there are no more security fixes. Unfortunately, El Capitan is the last version that works on some older Macs.

I’m not sure the situation in Windows land is any better. Whilst there is no ‘hard’ limit on the version of Windows that you can install on any given hardware, the lack of appropriate drivers can prevent the more recent versions of Windows from working without functional and/or stability issues on older hardware. With desktops, you can often switch to generic drivers for your hardware, but even then there are limits on what is available, especially for older graphics cards (which is a problem because it is often graphics drivers that need updating for a later version of Windows). With laptops, there are sometimes no generic drivers for certain hardware. This is going to be a significant problem when Windows 7 goes out of extended support in January 2020 - the first time a popular version of Windows has gone out of support since Windows XP. I suspect developers will start to drop support for the aged Windows 7 once January 2020 arrives - indeed, once they drop support for Windows 7, they can justifiably drop support for Windows 8, 8.1 and the early (and now unsupported) versions of Windows 10.

Thanks for your reply David.
I also read support is dropped for El Capitain but I installed an update for Artist 9.5 and that still works.
Just curious if someone tried 10 on El Capitain.
I guess I’ll have to save to buy me a MP 5.1.