Cubase 10 - Audio fine then collapses to the left channel

Hi all,

The Topic title sort of clarifies whats happening but to give some more detail:

I have a new PC, I installed Cubase 10 from latest download when I installed the PC from fresh. I am using a Scarlet 8i8 interface and have the latest driver for this. (The driver that worked fine on the PC before this one)

I fired Cubase up for the first time yesterday on the new machine. Started working, all was perfectly fine.
Then, the sound dropped from the right monitor and was only coming from the left channel. Thinking it was just a momentary thing, I tried another VST instrument, same issue.
One reboot later, tried again. Issue repeats every time, no matter what VST I’m using.

At this point I have installed no extra VST’s, only the stock ones that come with the Cubase install.

My PC works in every other app without any issues whatsoever. I am a gamer, games work fine. Yotube, fine. everything absolutely fine.

Just Cubase - and to clarify:

Works absolutely fine for around 5 minutes, then the right channel drops out and this is reflected in the output metering for both the channel and main out. You can visually see the right has dropped and the left is louder.
To clarify that - The right channel is still there, and panning hard right will bring it back.

Has anyone got ANY idea? Because I am stumped!

Thanks in advance,



Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I have the exact same problem, however it seems to quit if you raise the volume just a bit, incredibly annoying anyway!
If it´s due to some incorrect settings, was hoping someone could help me fix this…