Cubase 10 Audio Parts Weirdness (Fade In/Out Handles in Audio Parts and importing audio clips)

I noticed this when working in Cubase 10 Pro in MacOS El Capitan:

When I drag and drop an audio part into the timeline or render a track in place, the fade in/out handles of the new part are not immediately available. Usually you just hover your mouse over the beginning or end top corners of the track to get an arrow and then move your mouse left and right to adjust the fading. But with a new track, this doesn‘t work at first. You have to move the track around in the timeline first and them do a CTRL-Z. Now you can adjust the fading. I was hoping for this to be fixed in C10 but apparently, it was not. Am I on to something or is this simply „normal“? :wink:

Another thing that is bothering me with C10 now is that I cannot drag and drop audio clips right into the timeline as a brand new track anymore. In Cubase 9.5 and earlier, this worked fine by just dragging the file into the timeline, holding the mouse button and waiting for Cubase to show me that green insert line and then drop it, after which Cubase creates the new audio track for me. No, I now have to drag it into the track names list. A little more complicated, since you need to place the cursor at the right position before you do this…


I cannot reproduce it here, it works as expected to me.

After drag-and-drop to the timeline, is the new inserted Audio event selected?

The 2nd topic, this is by design since Cubase 10. Drop it in between the tracks in the track list.

I am going to make a gif to demonstrate!

Allright, I tested this a couple of times again and it does seem to work! Very strange. I will keep you updated when this happens again :thinking: