Cubase 10 blacklist help

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:
So installed my upgrade ok,all good.But noticed that some of my plugins used in Cubase Pro 9.5,beforehand.
are now in the Cubase 10 blacklist,and cannot be re activated :astonished:

How do I re activate these,for the record they are all 64bit VST 2

cheers,appreciate any help

Same here, some of my regular plugins (ie. Izotope stuff) got blacklisted. And trying to re-activate crashes Cubase on the spot.

My Cubase has not crashed (thankfully) but got Izotope Neutron 64 bit (dll ) in the blacklist,yet it wasn’t in Cubase Pro 9.5,really odd
no expert in this stuff,since I started using Cubase in June

In plug-ins manager, after selecting the plugin, in the lower field you can re-enable it.

Thanks I tried that,but not able to re-enable the plugin.Really frustrating.

Interested to hear what the problem plugs are. In Cubase 9 on a mac, I have lots of older iZotope plugins (eg RX4 / RX5 / Ozone 7) blacklisted, sometimes VST2 and sometimes VST3, but the current gen are all ok I think. Any issues with the likes of Neutron 1/2 or RX6?

Can you send a screenshot of your plugins manager?

Hi Pliktro :smiley:

I will post a screenshot of my plugin manager,tomorrow,sometime.Just off to bed as I got work tomorrow

Hi ghys…any news abouts this problem…???same problem here with all of my native instrument plugins-sounds-fx…EVERYTHING…even Kontakt!!!..i re-enable all the blacklisted plugins manually…one by one…it worked… but when i turned off the computer and turned it on again the next day i had the same problem…everyhting were blacklisted again…i hope there is a problem that the company will solve…because right now i have an empty cubase 10!!!
I am back to cubase 9.5 until i find out how to fix it…

In my case it shows me the message, that 32-Bit are no longer supported for the Plug-Ins which are on my blacklist. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Cubase 10 is also blacklisting Rewire 64 bit for Finale 25 on my machine. Cubase does not allow it to be re-enabled either.

I had the same issue and used a program called jbridge which allows 32bit plugins to run in new cubase (64 bit).

Think it fixed issues i had with blacklisted 64bit progs also