Cubase 10 - Convert mono to multi channel not working

I’m trying to get 'Convert mono to multi channel" to work on a mono track, 96khz 24bit,

I get the following error message.
error message: The number of tracks does not match the selected destination format. Merge is not possible."

Can’t figure it out… any help appreciated.


I had this too - Not sure if this is a bug or by design however you have to select each mono audio track rather than just the actual clip(s) and then convert back to Multi channel AKA Stereo track - Please see image for more clarity

Note I have found a bug: that when converting multiple mono tracks back to Stereo for some reason it does not compensate to track delay if you have added it that in any mono track.


I’ve got the same problem. Doesn’t work no matter which way I try.


I had the same error message, but fixed it by duplicating the mono track, selecting the two mono tracks, convert to stereo. First i thought it would kind of duplicate the mono itself, but you have to do so yourself before converting. Makes kind of sense. Thats why is says (Selected Track’S) ind the Source Track setting…

Not sure if this is what you did, if so the problem might be fixed…? :mrgreen:

So this is just a different way of creating a new stereo audio track and dragging/dropping a mono audio file on that. Would be very handy to convert one mono audio track straight to stereo without the hassle of duplicating it manually first. Or am I getting it all wrong?

You need to select at least two mono tracks to make a stereo track. Panning will apply so pan hard left/right the mono tracks if you want a true stereo track