Cubase 10 crashes while auto saving


i’ve been having a new issue with cubase 10.0.50.
Sometimes when i’m trying to select multiple events and drag the mouse over, when cubase tries to auto save in the middle of it and then it freezes and just shuts down.
This also happens when i’m chaning something on the channel EQ and it tries to auto save. It then also freezes for a second the just shuts down.
This only happens while it’s trying to autosave while i’m holding down the mouse button.

This hasn’t happened before 10.0.50 i think.
I’m on windows 10, with a Dell Precision 5530.

Hope anybody knows anything about it!


Are there any DMP files in the Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder? If yes, could you attach some, please?

For whatever reason there aren’t!
Probably because it doesn’t freeze and i have to force quit it, but because it just closes without any warning or error messge…

This happens in all project not matter the cpu or anything.


When you Force Quit, there is an option to generate a system DMP file (if I’m not wrong), could you try, please?

I can’t force quit. It freezes for just a second and then just closes. There’s nothing i can do…


Could you try to use Microsoft ProcDump utility? Once you get to this situation, a DMP file should be created automatically. Could you share the DMP file after, please?