Cubase 10 crashes while opening projects, or within minutes after opening

Hi guys,

hope you are all safe , healthy and producing lots of creative stuff now.
Unfortunately, no creative stuff from me, due to following problem.
A heads-up: I am a newb, so possibly I have overseen something relatively simple.

After 6 months of smooth operation, problems started last week when I installed my new Kontakt Komplete A49. I got a lot of latency problems, which I got solved after 2 days. I was unaware that you should not connect a keyboard or interface through a hub. Lesson learned, problem solved! At least for an hour or so…

Now this is where the real problem starts. Cubase suddenly crashed. Since that moment Cubase does either not load a project at all, sometimes even without a crash report, or crashes after just a few minutes. Crash reports that do come out (see one below) show this is caused by a Heap Corruption, either giving a code c0000005, or c0000374.
Note: my projects are relatively simple. Most no more than 10 tracks, few effects and only few with 3rd party plugins. Even the most basic projects do not open or cause crash.

I have tried every suggested solution I could find online:

  • checked if all drivers and programs are up to date
  • uninstalled all NI software and other 3rd party plugins
  • uninstalled NVIDIA software for HD audio and PhysX, original GPU driver (no update)
  • cleared reference files
  • uninstalled and re-installed Cubase, including eLicenser Control Center
  • maintenance runs on USB eLicenser are OK
  • ran SFC + DISM Restore Health: passed
  • ran memory check with mdsched.exe: passed
  • DirectX diagnose: no problems found

Right now my laptop is dedicated for Cubase, so standard Windows 10, without any other applications. Cubase runs, as before, in default mode.

Full specs:
Lenovo Y540, i7-9750H, 16GB Ram, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD 5400rpm, NVIDIA Geforce GTX1650, Windows 10 Home v1909, Cubase 10 Pro v10.0.60, Norton 360, Realtek audio
Peripherals (not connected when crashes occur) Komplete kontrol A49, AKAI MPK Mini, M-Audio Fasttrack One

I have sent a support request to Steinberg, but as they are very busy at the moment, hope one of you can help me out too.
As a last resort I guess I can re-install my laptop from scratch, but it would be helpfull if I knew what happened, so I can avoid the problem in the future.

Thanks in advance.
Cubase 64bit 2020.5.6 (698 KB)

Hi and welcome,

To me it looks like a memory issue.