Cubase 10 crashing and no info on Hub startup

I just updated Cubase to version 10 from 8.5. I’m having 2 major problems. First off, when I start up the Hub shows no news and info on the left side. I know my internet connection is working although when I test the same in 8.5 it says there is no internet connection. In 10 it’s just blank.

I’m able to create new projects as well open projects in previous versions fine. But I’m experiencing crashes on a regular basis in Cubase 10. They seem to be happening every 10 or 15 minutes or so. Very frustrating. I rarely had crashes in 8.5. I’m going back in working in 8.5 until I can get this sussed out in 10.

I’ve been browsing the web and this forum for solutions but really haven’t seen THE answer. I do see that other users have had similar problems with 10. I do have a support ticket in and hoping to reach support by phone today. If any experienced users can offer support I’d really appreciate the help!

BTW, I’m running the latest version of Cubase 10 and I’m on Windows 10 which is also up to date. Thanks in advance! Bernie C

Hi, visit this link and update your eLicenser Control Center and your Hub will be work.

About crashes… if you hear clicks, just come in devices, and choose your audio device (for example: first change “your device” to “no driver” apply, and after choose “your device” instead “no driver” apply. I do it because I don’t know why it happens. :slight_smile:

Sometimes the Cubase preferences don’t migrate well from an older version. You may try a safe start and/or reset the preferences in C10. There may be a plug-in that doesn’t play well. I can’t remember for certain but I think support for older VST2.xx specifications was dropped in C10. Also check, you ASIO and ASIO Guard settings. As far as the Hub, maybe you need to give Cubase 10 permission to access the internet in you Windows settings?

Thanks. I removed a Waves plugin that was in the project (Abbey Road Chambers) and it has not crashed for a couple of hours now. So now I’m trying to figure out which Wave plugins are causing the crashes besides this one. I’m not totally sure how to update Waves plugins without huge update fees that Waves has. Any suggestions?