Cubase 10 - crashing within 5 minutes after start up

I’ve bought a new laptop (hp pavillion with built in realtek soundcard) and cubase 10.
After installing (including the update) cubase keeps crashing within 5 minutes after startup.
I’ve (re)installed the generic asio driver and vst instruments, but that doesn’t change a thing.
Before i can change settings or load instruments, it crashes.
Very frustrating, what are my options?

Uninstalling cubase and starting all over again?
Does it have anything to do with the soundcard … i’m planning of buying a stand alone one, but it should also work with the build in one, no?

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Hi and welcome,

Could you please attach a crash dumps located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps folder?

Sorry, been a while since i last had the time to work on it …
i’ve re-installed everything and bought an audient audio interface, but still error when i open the preset projects
see file in attachement. has something to do with audio files not being present?

Cubase Artist 64bit 2019.4.11 16.44.dmp (776 KB)


The crash is in HALion Sonic SE. Do you have the latest update of it, please?

Hi there,

It is indeed Halion that’s giving me trouble.
When i loud a project it sais ‘some audio files missing check installation’ …
How do i check if i have the latest update and how do i update?

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To check the version, click to the HALion logo. The splash screen appears.

You can download the update from Steinberg > Support > Downloads web page.

Hi there,

No more crashes after i’ve downloaded the latest version of halion se 3, thanx.
But now it seems that both halion and groove agent have no presets when opening the instruments?
All other instruments seem to work fine (and do have presets) … i can’t seem the find the right folder to load them manually neither.
Can you help me?

Thanx in advance!


Open Steinberg Library Manager, please. Here you can find out, where is the library located.


Should i ask these question in the VST section (under Halion or GA)? Just let me know then.

The Steinberg Librabry manager displays two kits (the kit SE and beat essentials) in the Groove agent tab, both located in the ‘C:/programdata/steinberg/content/VSTSound’ folder.
In the Cubase/Nuendo tab is displays only vintage verb collection located in the same folder.

GA - When loading presets or kits in GA it automatically displays the missing samples dialog window, saying there are 5707 missing files. When I enter ‘C:/programdata/steinberg/content/VSTSound’ in the search path and search for the samples it does not find any samples.

Loopmash - same problem

Halion - i do no manage even to locate or load presets?

All other VST instruments (mystic, prologue, retrologue, spector) seem to work fine.

When i manually search my hard drive for wav-files, there are none. Could it be that something went wrong installing Cubase?

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There is definitely something wrong.

What Nuendo version do you have, please? I would try to reinstall Nuendo from the Full Installer.

The sound libraries don’t have *.wav extension. Steinberg is using compressed (commission workout losing quality) proprier *.vstsound extension.

It’s CUBASE 10 artist i’m using.

And i can locate the .vstsound files manually (after looking it up in the library manager), but from within cubase (the vst menus) i can not

I will try to uninstall everything and re-install.

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What do yo mean by the “VST menus”, please? All the library should be accessible from MediaBay (or MediaBay Rack).

Hi Martin,

I’ve managed to re-install from full and all vst instruments including presets seem to be working now.
Fidling around with it i’ve encountered another problem but this is audio related (system crash when i manipulate recorded audio).
I’ll check the forum first if the answer is there.
Otherwise i’ll start a new thread :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for now.