Cubase 10 - Delete Tempo Data?

Can anyone tell me how the heck to delete ALL tempo track data? I’ve been trying for days now to create a tempo track for a project that wasn’t recorded to the grid. There is also tempo changes, as well a a time signature change. Needless to say Cubase and I have been having epic failures trying to accomplish this.

Every time I go through the process of “detect tempo” , etc., and then determine I want to basically start over,…yes, I can hit “undo” , but upon opening up the session again, Cubase starts syncing to the tempo track, that isn’t even on the project window. I can then hit “alt-t” I believe, and open the tempo track edit window, and the data is still there. I can select all and delete,… but the project still syncs to the click.

So basically how can I make sure I delete ALL tempo track data? I’ve been created a a new project name to work on ensuing “attempts” at this tempo track fiasco, so I’m able to just open up the fresh project and start over, but it would be so much easier to just pick up where I left off, so to speak.



Right-click to the Tempo track and select Select All Events, then press Delete.

All tempo events are deleted but the very 1st one. There always must be a 1st Tempo node at the beginning of the project. There is no way around.

I’ve done that, but didn’t realize the 1st tempo node was there. So even if I turn off the tempo track, the song syncs to the click. Any idea why? I just want to revert back to NO tempo track interaction at all.

I finally got the tempo and the Cubase click to sync and follow the projects tempo variations, however, when I “set definition from tempo”, the click quickly gets out of sync with the project. I don’t get this,…don’t I have to do this in order to now be able to edit the tempo track? I plan on slowing down some of the sections that were rushed by the previous drummer.


If you want to make sure the Audio events don’t follow the tempo, disable the Musical Mode in the Info line or in the Pool.