Cubase 10 Demo?

I can’t find a link for a demo license?

It would be nice to try before I buy.

Trials usually come a few weeks after initial release.

Cheers +1

when will be available?

HOpefully soon. Getting kind of tired of waiting.

Demo usually shows up AFTER the first bug fix, this is standard OP for Steinberg

I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t show up this week TBH. First patch + demo usually arrive within this time frame after the initial release, in recent years. There are exceptions of course. Who knows? But assuming things are going smoothly, then I’m betting this week.

Any news on the Pro trial?
I’m still waiting on it…still sitting on the fence between plowing ahead with cubase or switching to logic.

All you have to do is open your eyes, and read the forum announcements on top of the page.