Cubase 10 doesn’t work on my brand new computer, support was worthless

I am literally just trying to put a wav track in so I can record over it. Like, should be an incredibly simple task. Wav forms show up, no audio and doesn’t register in any of the volume meters. Tried plugging it in as an mp3 and wav. In studio setup it shows Realtek ASIO in VST Audio System. In Audio Connection shows Realtek ASIO in audio device and all appears normal. When I play a midi drum kit connected to the laptop by usb, it plays and records fine. Spent forever online chat with two different tech support people, first gave up and hung up on me, second escalated and said someone would call me…they never did. I need to be able to listen to the wav while I play drums, obviously. I can even listen to it normally. Just want my money back at this point very frustrating.

Hi and welcome,

Do you use this Realtek ASIO as your output or do you use other Audio Device? Where are your speakers/headphones connected to? How is the settings in the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs?

Maybe I would recommend to install and use ASIO4ALL driver in this case.