CUBASE 10 download corrupt

I Have the Steinberg downloader and it’s up to date. I am running Windows 10. I have now downloaded Cubase 10 full installer twice. Both times the file has been corrupt. Is this unique to me? Is there a more sure way of downloading? This is an issue now for me as downloading 21 Gig is time consuming and costs data. And although I have paid for Version 10 of Cubase Pro, I am still working on 9.5. Any ideas?

A few thoughts…

Are you downloading it using the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) or a link from your MySteinberg account? Wherever it is from, try the other source.


Maybe try downloading at night when you might get better/faster download quality.

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Thanks for the reply. I did the download from Steinberg download Assistant. I went ahead and did the installation anyway and the error file is a file in Reaktor which I haven’t used yet so I am not going to worry. However on trying to activate Cubase 10 I got notification that I qualify for a free upgrade to 10.5. I down loaded and installed 10.5 update, not complete install, (no errors)and I am hoping the error has been fixed??? I am still impressed with Steinberg and how smoothly everything works when upgrading etc.

PS - I accept that an error in downloading a file can be anywhere along the chain so I am not blaming Cubase.