Cubase 10 Elements - MPE Instruments (ROLI BLOCK/Seeboard/Lightpad)

Hi all,

Just considering upgrading to CB10 Elements (because I cannot afford the full version!) from Elements 7.

I’ve recently bought a ROLI Block and Lightpad and have been waiting to use it correctly in my DAW of choice…but I note from the main spiel on the Steinberg website that MPE is not supported in Elements 10.

Is that 100% true?

I just want to check before I move to Reaper…


MPE in Cubase is based on the Note Expression technology which is only available in Artist and Pro. That’s why MPE is also only support in Artist and Pro.

Thanks for the reply, Matthias.

I find it very strange that Steinberg will not support this for people in all versions of Cubase.
Is there a reason for denying Elements users this?